Quality Assurance and Compliance

Ensuring Safety Through the Commitment to Strict Process Adherence

We ensure excellence through the Trusted Brands we partner with. Our Trusted Brands goes above and beyond to ensure the highest-quality products, imposing rigorous manufacturing standards from start to finish. From the raw materials used for manufacturing to preparation, bottling and storage, the Quality Assurance team ensures stringent process adherence. All products are compliant with FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) and Health Canada Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements. We are also NSF certified. Facilities hold various International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accreditations – global manufacturing standards that ensure quality, environmental friendliness, safety and reliability.


Quality Control

For Proven Quality, Purity and Potency on Label Claims

Rigorous manufacturing standards are instituted from start to finish, utilizing ingredients sourced from trusted global industry-leading suppliers, and avoiding unnecessary agents in order to meet the needs of physicians treating patients with chemical and allergen sensitivities. These standards include:
  • Triple checking: Each and every one of our products is tested a minimum of three times – first as a raw material, second during the manufacturing process, and finally as a finished product.
  • Independent testing: validates the quality, stability, potency and purity of the products from manufacturing to preparation, bottling and storage. Objectivity is ensured during testing by contracting government-approved and/or accredited independent laboratories. These testing laboratories employ some of the most precise equipment and analytical methods available in the market to validate the safety and efficacy of the products.
  • Global supplier qualification program: We evaluate the documentation and standard operating procedures of each supplier to confirm that proper quality systems are in place before any raw material is used in manufacturing, and final products are handled appropriately through manufacturing quality controls. We also perform on-site audits to further ensure that suppliers comply with our strict quality control standards.


Specialty Formulas for a Variety of Needs

Allergen / GMO

  • All products are GMO-free. Our Trusted Brands obtain statements from each of our suppliers certifying that the ingredients do not contain GMOs. For some nutrients, we conduct PCR testing to confirm the absence of genetically modified material.
  • All allergens are disclosed on the label in accordance to FDA labeling guidelines for the 8 major allergens: milk, wheat, fish, shellfish, egg, peanut, tree nut, soy. Comprehensive allergen procedures are in place to prevent ingredient cross-contamination during manufacturing and storage.